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Copy of Is Direct Mail “Offensive”?

Ari Ginsberg CEO Contact Marketing Inc.

Over the last few years, I wrote about Direct Mail as a marketing tool that was still vibrant even in this era of the digital explosion. I must confess that my arguments had a somewhat defensive connotation. The thought was that digital, yes, but don’t count out direct mail, we are still relevant, and I included some positive points as well, like, “we reach markets that are less digital-oriented” or “with less competition in the mailbox, direct mail is stronger than ever”.

Recently, I came across an article summarizing a revolutionary study that was done in the spring of 2021 and the findings put Direct Mail in the “offensive” (VS defensive) lines of direct marketing. It depicts Direct Mail’s ability to drive consumer engagement, as the antidote for the oversaturation of digital marketing where 75% of consumers report being overwhelmed by the number of ads they see daily. This digital fatigue, as the author or that article describes it, is reflected in the digital marketers’ bottom line. The article goes on and mentions another statistic that is even more staggering than the one above. 72% of consumers feel positive about receiving direct mail, and that is not all, this percentage gets higher the younger the consumer is where 77% of generation X feel positive about Direct Mail. Who would have thought that a blog I posted in 2018 (click here) entitled “Everyone Loves Mail!”, would be that much more relevant today. So, to conclude “The Check ($$$) Is in The Mail” (What’s a check?)

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