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Postal Lead Monetization

We are always looking for new sources of prospects. If you generate postal leads, we can utilize 30-day old (and even older) prospects across many verticals.


While many Lead generators gather postal addresses, few are marketing those postal leads. As direct-mail list brokers with clients across many verticals, we are always looking for new sources of prospects, names, and addresses only.

Contact Marketing was the first to introduce Online Generated Postal lists. The industry has come a long way to see these types of DM lists surpass the classic DM buyers and subscriber lists.

The lists are provided for one-time use only and many mailers will use and reuse the records and pay for each use. The lists can be used by multiple mailers across verticals. Note, that you remain the owner of the data and you have control as to who will use the lists.  

We are calling out to all lead generation companies looking to create a new profit center from their aged postal leads, to come together and create the most lucrative marketplace and match the best campaigns to the most targeted markets by way of the most responsive marketing channel – Direct Mail.

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