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Buyer-Based Prospecting

Whereas most mailers turn to BIG DATA, we work with response lists, lists of people who have acted in response to direct mail or online campaigns of related or similar products and services.


Over the last few years, we introduced mailers and direct mail agencies to the world of ‘warmer’ response data reaching proactive individuals who have shown interest in products and services that are similar or related to theirs.

Our added value to companies who mail or have mailed in the past (successfully, or partially successful) is in the lists that we provide. Whereas most mailers turn to compiled lists (also known as big data), we work with response lists, lists of people who have acted (bought, subscribed, or inquired info) in response to direct mail (or online) campaigns.

These lists include responders to related or similar products or services and some lists have no apparent connection to what you are offering but they are so strong in our target market that it makes a solid test.

Many prospects, especially in the mature and credit-challenged markets, might not be searching for you online. Reaching out to them with a postcard or any other mailer is the way to reach them and get them to act.

Every month we order the top buyer/subscriber lists in the market merge them together and produce pools of direct mail responders to serve various verticals. This allows us to provide large or small quantities of prospects to our mailers and even targeting very specific geographical areas.

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