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The following describes the different services we offer in implementing a direct mail campaign:



  • List Selection – the prospects you are targeting is, in our opinion, is the #1 variable that will define your campaign and will be your competitive advantage over the competition. While many mailers in your vertical use compiled data, we offer DM responders and other Hand-Raising prospects to offer your services. Our lists include responders and buyers to related catalogs and offline and online offers. We will provide you with information on the lists we recommend along with the different filters and costs.

  •  Data hygiene and Merge Purge – When mailing (or testing) several lists, we would clean the lists and merge-purge them to create one clean file of unique records


  •  The #2 variable in your campaign is the creative. We will work with you in designing the mail piece (or several pieces for an A/B split). We will use your existing (digital or print) creatives or start a whole new mail-piece from scratch based on our experience with similar mailers. We will determine with you the type of piece as well whether it be a postcard (or other stand-alone mailer) or a letter in an envelope. Again, we will apply our experience with similar mailers in choosing the right one for you and we might test various mailers as well.

3 Production 

  • Printing – We apply a high standard of digital printing. We will determine whether 2 or 4 colors will be used as well as other variables pertaining to the print job.

  • Postage – We mostly mail standard and, in some cases, we will ship the pieces to various locations to mail from to ensure prompt deliverability.

  • Mailing – A lot of thought and planning goes into the mailing itself. Making sure the mailer hits the homes on the right day of the week or the month is crucial to the success of the campaign. Our partners are veteran mailers and apply their expertise in this step as well.

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