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Data  Hygiene

Data Cleaning | Market more efficiently with a better ROI with clean data! 
Data Cleaning | Cleanse any type of data with our holistic approach to your specific data needs.

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Contact Marketing has partnered with Data For Development, a leader with over 38 years of experience in the data and list marketing industry, you can say together we live and breathe data. With clean and deliverable data you will boost your marketing and get you that much closer to achieving your goals and KPIs while improving your ROI.

Our mission

is to provide the highest quality data services while maintaining a balance of impeccable ethics, trustworthiness, and a genuine concern for the needs of our clients. We focus on you and provide an approach to your specific data needs. We are committed to helping you realize your true potential with focused, innovative, and personalized service. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Why US

Pricing: Unlike per thousand pricing (CPM), we offer a list fulfillment service at a flat rate no matter the list size.


Quality Service:

  • 38 years of experience

  • Quick turn around

  • Our approach puts you and your needs at the center of the process. 

What we offer

  • Merge, Purge \

  • Matchback Processing 

  • Data and List Cleaning

  • NCOA, PCOA, DPV and more 

  • Data Quality & Stewardship 

  • Data Appending 

  • Flat Rate List Cleaning 

  • Circulation Planning 

Who is this for

  • Anyone doing direct mail - any mailer (house lists included)

  • List managers and list brokers - so they can provide the healthiest optimized lists

  • Lead generators - Real time data hygiene and verification (amongst all other services) 

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