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Direct Mailers to bring Financial Stability to the COVID19 market

CEO Contact Marketing Inc.

Consumer Financial marketers, specifically those with a diverse product-line of Loans, Credits and Insurance, are experiencing a tremendous surge of leads in the last 2 or 3 months, the effect of COVID19. Droves of prospects, hurt by the economic impacts of the pandemic, are seeking relief and stability to their financial situation and are exploring ways to obtain extra cash, debt relief or better/cheaper insurance policies. This is indeed a time of opportunity for all of us to cater to these markets.

While financial and insurance agents are working these leads like a pack of wolves, here is a proactive way to be the first to help these consumers reach their financial objectives and stand out (and above) the others as the preferred provider in this market by way of Direct Mail.

While others are being reactive, selling to lead-generation prospects who already took the first step and registered to receive information, a direct mail campaign is proactive and takes the initiative to reach consumers in need with the product they want before they even know enough to go online and ask for it. Moreover, Direct Mail reaches out to those markets that are not even aware of ways to take that 1st step, namely, seniors and lower socio-economic prospects.

At a time of social-distancing, these consumers will appreciate getting an offer for a product they need and want right to their doorstep, literally.

A good Direct Mail expert or list broker knows how to reach a responsive target market with the right offer, at times, even before these prospects turn to the more popular channels of contact. We target buyers and other responders to products and services that indirectly indicate these prospects’ needs for the financial product you are offering. So, in a way, our prospects are more fresh than real time leads.

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