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Everyone loves mail!

CEO Contact Marketing Inc.

Over 50 and married with 7 kids, I've earned the right to tell "bad" “dad” jokes, so here is one I told my 18-year-old the other day when I needed to send him a message: "Son, what is your email address?". You can imagine the laughter and mockery I got from the entire family. Lesson # 1: Millennials do not E-Mail. So, I went to work to find some appreciation and to figure out the best way to market to this new generation. When I returned home that night, I checked the mail box (see picture) and brought in the mail including a piece of mail addressed to my "too cool for email" son. Naturally, I announced the existence of this pre-historic exhibit to him and was almost got knocked over as he rushed across the room beaming with excitement screaming: " yessss, I've got mail". Lesson #2: Everyone still loves mail. :)

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